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Can anyone identify this MOSFET?

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No prize, I'm afraid, but I'd really apreciate any help in identifying this component. I'm trying to find out exactly what it is so that I can check some parameters on the datasheet in order to source a replacement.

It's an N-channel MOSFET used for rail switching in a professional power amplifier and, judging from the application, I image it's rated for around 60-100Vd-s and somewhere in excess of 30A.

I have a service manual for the amplifier, which shows the transistor in this location as an IRF1010. However, the IRF1010 is rated for only 60Vd-s and the voltage across this part just slightly exceeds this - meaning that I'm not happy to simply install an IRF1010 as a replacement. I can't be confident that the schematic I'm looking at is for exactly the model of amplifier I'm working on, as there where several different power ratings in the range. Therefore I'd like to double-check the differences between the IRF1010 indicated on the schematic and this part which was actually installed on the board.

In order to make this searchable, I'll say that the text on the device reads

and it bares the logo of Fairchild semiconductor.

Maybe someone knows the prefix that I'd have to add to make a complete part number?


In truth, it may not be that critical - but then this gear is designed by people cleaverer than me, and I'm sure thay have good reasons for the components they choose.

Thanks folks!


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Well, yes... I did. I didn't find that though!
My google-fu must have been weak, not enough coffee probably.

Thanks Mickster, that must be the beast. Stand down!

RS even have them in stock. I'm going to bed before anything more unexpected happens.


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I have looked up more than my fair share of device numbers, searching for datasheets.
For the most part, if I find a hit on alldatasheet within the search results, chances are that there will be a datasheet for the device I am looking for, or one which cross-references to it and that works pretty well for me.... unless I am looking for a sheet for an obscure device and then it's a case of trying to match the package/pinout/suspected type etc., that's where google images helps too, due to the searches of others, plus surplus stockist's inventory images & descriptions.
FWIW, I start with googling any numbers/letters on the device (followed by the term "datasheet"), along with a manufacturer's name if a recognized logo is present.

Kind regards.


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I must have got myself in a muddle, thinking I'd searched alldatasheet (which is where I normally start looking) for the second number when I clearly hadn't. I was a bit frustrated with the job by that point, as it had already dragged on for far to long.

At any rate, this shows the value of a second pair of eyes. I really appreciate your help.

As an aside, the photo illustrates a favorite technique of mine which is to rub a little heatsink compound across the top of a part to make the part number more readable - especially for photographing.
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