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Camera Flash problems

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Chris 102

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I am a total noob and could really use a hand with this problem.

The back story is that I put together a camera system that people use to take pictures of eyes at fairly high resolution. It is a hobby - second income - kind of fun thing to do that fulfills some peoples needs. I make money, but not so much.

I've been doing it for 15 years and over time have used 4-5 different manufactured flashes and modded them with fiber optics to transfer the flash of light to the iris for really stunning images.

Everything has worked great until I purchased 50 of a new flash from China. :(

Problem is this new flash will work for a while and then some units become intermittent and may stop flashing altogether. This is very bothersome to everyone.

I am at a loss to diagnose as I am really not a technician, but I am technical enough to be able to follow directions.

I am hoping maybe someone here can recommend the most likely culprits and potential fixes or maybe offer to be paid to diagnose the flaw so I or they can fix the remaining flashes I have.

I have just been replacing the faulty units, but it is getting troublesome for me and them.

If you could please shed some light on this I would appreciate it. Thanks

I've included a picture of the final product to get an idea of what it looks like.

Basically, all I am doing is opening up the case, and attaching a thin aluminum plate to the front that holds the fiber optics in place and then closing it back up again.

I have never had a problem with other companies products and I am careful not to dislodge anything inside.

I would just bite the bullet and buy another unit, but the aesthetics fo this one works so well if it worked mechanically I would be very happy.

Thanks for any help with this you can offer.



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i'm guessing these are xenon strobes? if so, looking at the ones that have gone bad, is the strobe tube clear, or does it have a black coating inside the glass at one or both ends?
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