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Cable hook up

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Hi all,
I have a metal box with an amplifier inside, and I want to know some methods for getting input and output hooked up to the inside. Both are cables running from inside to out. Are there rubber or plastic pass thru devices that anyone can recommend? It should be noted the cables are different sizes, one is a 5 conductor multi-wire, the other is a PC hook up. ight now I have a 2 1/2 in x 1 1/2 inch square cutout that allows both to in, but it needs to be sealed somehow eventually.


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If shielding provided by the metal enclosure is a consideration, then the IN/OUT connectors should be mounted on the box, and the shield connection (shell of the connector) should be electrically tied to the box. Examples would be BNC rf connectors, RCA audio connectors, Metal-shell DIN connectors, etc. Power feeds should be bypassed using a coaxial feed-through capacitor mounted on the metal enclosure.

You should consider that your favorite widget might get subjected to stong RF fields, such as emitted by your cell phone, or my Kilowatt Ham Transmitter.:D
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