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c code for 8051 compilation prob

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Hello.. I m very new to microcontrollers.. and i tried to start with 8051 ... i know c language very well.. so i am trying to use mikroc for 8051 , but when i try to compile code for AT89s51, in the status box it hangs after the following statements appear.

0 1 mikroc8051.exe -MSF -DBG -pAT89S51 -ES -O11001111 -fo8 -N"F:\prog.mcproj" -SP"F:\Program Files\Mikroelektronika\mikroC 8051\defs\" -SP"F:\Program Files\Mikroelektronika\mikroC 8051\uses\" -SP"F:\" "prog.c" "System.mcl" "Math.mcl" "Math_Double.mcl" "Delays.mcl"

0 125 All files Preprocessed in 0 ms

0 121 Compilation Started F

36 122 Compiled Successfully F

And i tried the same code to compile for AT89s52 AT89s53 AT89S8252 AT89S8253, and for all of these compilation is successful and hex alongwith other files are built successfully.. but not for AT89S51

what could be the problem??

The code i wrote is::

void main() {
while(1) {
P0 = 0x00;
P0 = 0xFF;

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