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Bypassing a photoelectric cell

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Hey everyone,

I have a security light that came with a photolectric cell to turn it on at night. Unfortunately there is no manual on-off switch so i'd like to bypass the photocell with a switch. The problem is that Im not sure exactly how to properly do so. There a 3 wires- white, black and red - which i would assume are negative, positive and sensor. How should i bypass the cell?


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I would assume that you don't want the automatic turn on and off. I can't get whether it's a photo reactive resistor or photodiode or a even a phototransistor. So without affecting the circuitry you can do it by hiding the face of the photocell with an opaque material. Then cut one of the power supply wire to add a switch.


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Do you want all the time "night" or "day"?
If you want the light to be on, place a piece of back tape over the cell.
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