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buy IC

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where can i buy IC piece by piece

I want to buy
atmel microcontroler
API840 instant Voice ROM
HT8870 DTMF reciver
where can I buy one by one(i.e. quantity = 1) in website

I also need IC pulse to dtmf tone converter
My MC output is pulse dial which is connected to dial relay
I want to put a DTMF transmitter which take the pulse input and convert into tone.

please help me
thank you


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You could do it all with just an atmel microcontroler. You don't really need the other chips. You will have a hard time finding a single site which stocks all those items because some are obsolete . Good luck.


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i am from singapore and if possible i want to buy ic form internet. aslo i will be using 89c51 mc where all those function are not available as well as its easy for me to do programing on it.

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