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Bus steering wheel on analog car


New Member
Has anyone fitted a new multi button steering wheel to an older car ?
I'm trying to control a new radio head unit that is controllable from a interface unit that works with new wheels but not mine as mine is too old.
I know its not a plug and play thing but as the new wheel will only control the head unit and doesn't need to control the old car systems I thought there might be a way !!


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Is your head unit wireless? Is the steering wheel wireless? Many(most?) steering wheel controlshave a "clock spring" wire loom in them that would be hard to put in a columb that uses the old style turn signal switch, that is where the clock spring would go. So if it is possible or not is up to your own skills.


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Head unit Alpine iLX-F903D, car Mercedes sl500 2002, steering wheel replacement any new Mercedes to control unit.
The car has 4 buttons on the wheel but I've been told by lots of people not compatible with the new technology,
Two pictures attached, old wheel and one like the on I would like


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