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Broken Pack

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I have a unique problem I'm looking to solve. I'm a software engineer by trade, but spend most of my free time riding my Harley with a large group of riders. One of the problems we have is sending hand-signals forward to the pack leader. I was thinking about a electronic solution. I'd like to build a small battery powered FM transmitter/receiver. The solution would be mounted onto the handlebar, contain a button/switch and a LED. When we needed to send an alert, one would activate the transmitter - turning on all of the frequency matched LEDs on the other units. Any suggestions? :rolleyes:


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You are unlikely to get the needed range with a legal, unlicenced, FM transmitter. You might consider the Family Radio Service (FRS) which would give the needed range. There are FRS walkie-talkies which are rather inexpensive and some of them give an audible tone indication when a user transmits ("call button" feature). This can be used to activate an LED fairly easily with an added circuit. Maybe some of them even have an LED indicator.
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FRS radios are quiet reasonably priced and that makes things legal.


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Digikey has a very amazing and broad selection of RF transceiver devices. They have some wireless communication and related transmitter and receiver units that are rated at around 250 meters outdoors. I did not check all of the specs but there are many different systems available and some probibly have even greater ranges.

The prices range from around $20 on up. I would suspect you could easily build a custom system with what they have.
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