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Broken! Help!

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Hello yall,

I have a question I hope yall can answer. I have a broken toilet and its not flushing quite right. I know theres got to be some dead batteries that run the flushing pump or something like that but I cant seem to find any wires or nothing. What kind of batteries do these things use and where are they? Do I lift the whole toilet up or is it behind it in the back or what? Its nothing fancy just a regular old toilet so I hope you can answer my question.



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ummmm... I don't really know anything about toilets... but I don't think they have batteries in them... I've never once had to replace batteries in my home... and I don't know anyone who has had to do that...

i could be wrong...


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There are automatic flush valves that sense the presence (then not presence) of a user to initiate flushing -not normally a residential application but then the writer didn't say it was at home. Some use a 9 v battery - some are connected to a common AC/DC adapter - many use 24 vac supplied via small transformer. The manufacturer and model should be visible - call a local plumbing supply house and they ought to be able to help.
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