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breif hello and question

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this is my first post so to introduce myself let me say that I am a guitarist who finally dusted off my soldering iron about a year ago and built a couple of tube amps for myself (that sound pretty darn good) and have a few more ideas that are wanting to get out.

Basically i am looking for a psuedo-random pattern generator that can drive about 5 leds or switches that can be acheived with one or two ic's. I am looking into microcontollers now.

The ht2050 would acheive my goals nicely but its out of production. It was a 5 led random flasher that only needed an external clock.

any suggestions would be appriciated!

Nigel Goodwin

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A PIC 16F628 would do it easily. All you would need is the PIC, the LED's, and series resistors - plus some kind of PSU of course - nothing else (apart from the code, but there's plenty of 'random' PIC code about).
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