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bored with an idea.

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Of first off, I know very little about electronics and building, however I am usually someone who can dive into something and make things happen.

So in knowing nothing pretty much, lets just assume this. Here is what I was thinking about trying to accomplish and see what the budget would run me. would like to setup some accent lighting for a home theater system.

So the idea is to Design a board that would allow me to change the power out put to an led.

How I would like this to work is basically design a box that would have an LED display with 2 control buttons what would either adjust the power up or down from say a range of 0-500 controlling the brightness of a string of leds. I know there are potentiometers i believe that can do something like this, but I'm looking for something that is more exact than turning a knob.

I'm sure there are other things needed, so any guidance would be great.

Thanks much.
Not open for further replies.

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