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Boost supply for negative rail

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... It's obvious we can use the module to turn +3.3V into +5V. ...
Well, not exactly...
I've used this product and any Vin <4VDC results in poor Vout performance.

But, to your question, not the XL6009 module itself.

However, you can build a module, using any of a number of "boost" ICs, to boost a negative voltage, for instance, this one from LT.
I was hoping for (a) a premade module and (b) perhaps I could just reverse the wires or a quick modification to the module.

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If your ±3.3VDC supply will go to +10VDC, you could construct this OpAmp based dual supply (virtual ground) generator:
R3 & R4 are just dummy loads to demonstrate current capacity (TL081C will tolerate a 1A load). Also note V1 source is isolated from load ground.

<EDIT> Removed the unnecessary ground from between R1 & R2!
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In the above data sheet there is a 3.3V in to isolated 5V out at 300mA (you did not say how much power)
The input can be from +3.3 or -3.3 it does not matter.
>+3.3 is simple (+) on 3.3V and (-) on GND
>-3.3 = (+) on GND and (-) on -3.3V !!!!
The output is simple. Connect (+5 output) to GND and (- output) to -5V

There are many little power supplies like this from many places.
Look for DC to DC Isolated supply.
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