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books books books ... i need help

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hello all .... i would like to ask you for some information
i really need a book in robotics ... i'd prefer the bonza or junkbots, bugbots and bots on wheels....
a few weeks ago i downloaded absolute begginer's guide in building robots for freeeeeeeeeee ... from (email me if u want the link) and now i know there are free books on the internet but can't find them...
please send me any links with books ... or with complete tutorials ... on robots

thanks a lot [/b]


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Why not just buy the book

If you can't afford a book you can shurley not afford to build a robot.

My advice is that you pick up robot builders bonanza it is one of the all time best robotics books in my opinion.


Just buy the book
or buy a used one of www.amazon.com
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