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Blown Tektronix 2246 O-Scope

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I don't know if I am posting in the right category, so forgive me if I am not:

I recently purchased a Tektronix 2246 O-Scope. The unit was completely functioning until on one of my tests I forgot to connect the ground..... I was testing high voltage DC pulses. I don't know that much about O-scopes but I'm wondering how easy it would be to fix. My first guess is that I have just blown some safety components and need to replace them. I am confident enough to do it myself, but I just need to know more about this kind of issue. Again, not looking for a complete solution from this forum, just some guidlines, input and advice.




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High voltages and pulses are bad news.

Not knowing much about scopes is another problem. A novice typically has trouble getting a trace.

I believe the 2246 has some expensive hybrid circuits on the inputs.

You need to determine if 1 or all channels are affected. What happens when you push "beam finder" if the scope has one. Use the internal calibrator and try to get a signal.

BAMA has the 2236 manual: http://bama.edebris.com/manuals/tek/

I struck out here too:http://www.ko4bb.com/manuals/index.php?dir=Tektronix

there is a 2246 manual on the Tek site: http://www.tek.com/oscilloscope/2246-manual/2246 I'm registered, but didn't download it.

Generally there are no protective devices on a scope or very few.

Tek products have had issues with bad tantalum caps when tatalum was the best thing since sliced bread. They leak and damage the boards and the scopes. TI IC sockets are also a problem. Sphere http://www.sphere.bc.ca/ , ebay and qservice are sources for Tek parts. So is the yahoo group Tekscopes for parts and help, but check the archives first. You have to join. I didn;t check.

Another warning for these scopes. Don't operate with the covers removed unless you provide cooling. The hybrid IC's may fry.
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I did the same thing on my 465b, which is the the single channel version of your scope. The manual (which I found in the internet) has detailed schematics, parts lists, and troubleshooting flow charts. Mine turned out to be a blown transistor in the HV circuit.
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