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Blown solenoid??

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donald hudgens

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Just got 2 new 12v 9ah batteries from a local store. Actually battery outfitters. They have to be run in series as we all should know. They asked if i wanted to hook them together or have them do it. Well i let them do it since i didn't fell like messing with it. They are for an electric sit down Razor Scooter.

Ok well homeboy reversed the polarity, really how hard is it the batteries even have a big red square where positive should go, you know the red wire. DUhhhh

I didn't notice until too late. i hooked up batteries and turned it on than POP!!! and nothing. I'm guessing solenoid.

The power switch still lights up but nothing else.

Thanks im trying to get them to fix my ride.


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I doubt that a solenoid per se would pop with reverse polarity. More likely a solid state device like mosfets in the controller, microcontroller, and so forth. Also, capacitors may pop with reverse polarity.

Have you done a visual inspection of the damage?

Just read you last sentence. Be prepared for some bad news... For example, we have to replace all of the electronics.

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Terms like "homeboy" don't mean much to me. Is that you or the name of the shop?

If you're lucky they may have put a fuse and a reverse biased diode across the supply and the fuse/diode may be the only bit needing replacing - but I doubt it.

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