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Binary ↔ BCD Conversion Using Counters 2018-02-23

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crutschow submitted a new article:

Binary - BCD Conversion Using Counters
Binary & BCD counters do binary-to-BCD or BCD-to-binary conversions.

Occasionally it is desired to convert binary numbers to decimal (usually for a decimal readout), or rarely, a decimal number to binary.

Typically the first step for displaying binary number in a decimal display is to convert the binary number to BCD (Binary Coded Decimal).
(BCD is the representation of each of the decimal digits one through 9 by the equivalent 4-bit binary number.)
This BCD number can then be easily decoded into the individual decimal display digits.
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Hi, Thank you for your post—“Binary - BCD Conversion Using Counters”.

I have two questions:

1.How to stop the clk when the conversion for a binary input of 10011 (19d) completed?

2.If the 19d need to be displayed on two common anode seven segment display, but only one BCD to 7-segment decoder can be used, How to solve it?
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