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BCD to decimal convertor

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well, i know that a 4028 converts from 4 bits to 10 outouts, but i have searched for a circuit that will to the other way around,... :? :?
convert from 10 inputs(only 1 on H state, the rest L, at a time) to 4 bits..
i need this for a peralel port circuit..
hope u can help..i am waiting for an answer.. :shock:


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BCD to Decimal

How about a simple diode encoder ...

Input 1 -- diode to output bit 1 (LSB)
Input 2 -- diode to output bit 2
Input 3 -- diodes to output bits 1 and 2
Input 4 -- diode to output bit 3
Input 5 -- diode to outputs 1 and 3
... ... ... blah blah

Each diode (all cheap signal type) has anode to input, cathode to output.
This will work as you stated only one input can be high at a time.

Waiting over (15 mins !)


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the ideea is that i dont have enough space for so many diodes, i'll need about 30 of them or so..
that's why i thought of an ic, maybe something from the 74xx(x) series also...
but there might be the case of when more than one input is active high, so... :x there;s something else....
and...ya, i remembered.....anybody knows something like 4028 that does that for 2 bits, or 3, i need both types


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fm receiver

hi folks,
i need help in making an fm receiver. any sugesstions or sites will be highly appreciated. thanking u

grp :)


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and another thing, i found the datasheet, but the inputs are active LOW, maybe sb knows one that is active High? :?: :?:


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No I don't know any other encoder with active high inputs. The problem can be solved using inverters (7404).
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