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Battery Powered LED Longevity

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Hi all,
This is my first post and please forgive me as I am not an engineer or electrician or any combination thereof :)
The outcome I am seeking is very low Lumen from a strip of twenty(ish) LEDs over 1600mm. I want to use a simple off-the shelf battery and I want the illumination to last for as long as possible as changing the battery is 'extremely' difficult due to the location (we are talking scaffold access).
There is a mains supply and there is also space for a transformer (? if that is the right word) to bring the mains over to LED requirements but if I can get a battery to last 5 years there is no need to pursue that route.
Any thoughts would be welcome including 'bite the bullet and use the mains'.
Many thanks in advance,

dr pepper

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A high capacity car battery would light a single 5mm Led for 6 months, assuming the battery didnt self discharge and was capable of a deep cycle.
So you'd need one heck of a battery for a uselfull amount of light for that long, plus rechargeable batteries tend to self discharge.
What I just said in a long way was the same as Nige, get someone to put a power cable in.
I had a similar problem, with a storage shed away from the house. Making a trench, running the conduit and wire, would have cost me hundreds of dollars. So I just went the solar cell and LED route, using components from cannibalized cheap garden lights.

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