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Battery Charger

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I am currently on a project studying the possibility of memory effect in Li-ion Battery. However, before I reach there, I need to build a battery charger. Could anyone recommend me any good IC chips with regards to the following informations?

1. Constant Voltage / Constant Current Charging
2. Charging of battery using 1A
3. Input Voltage varies from 18 - 30 V
4. Li-ion battery voltage is from 2.4 to 4.1 V
5. Preferably charging with switch / pulse mode
6. Easy connection / set up of circuit



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Seek out the "Maxim" ic website and look under application notes , they have a large selection and many circuit diagrams.


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Atmel has a reference design using one of their AVR microcontrollers as a battery charger complete with firmware and schematics. It shouldn't be too hard to find on their web site.

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