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Battery charger for mobile phone Motorola

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2PAC Mafia


I have this mobile phone which can only be charged with a car model charger 12Vdc because the wall model charger has the Motorola connector damaged. The connector has only 4 pins used on both chargers.

The car model charger has 6 wires on the cable, where white and red are on the same pin, black and green on another, yellow on another and blue on another. Red and white (pin) are positive 4,4Vdc repect to the rest of pins (wires) but the negatives respect to the this positive signal are not the same because they are not in short among them. The mobile is charging properly on this way.

I want to use the connector (plug) from this car battery charger and connect it to the wall battery charger but this one has only 2 wires plus shield. If I measure between the red wire and shield I get the 4,4Vdc and between red and yellow I get 3,1 Vdc. Between yellow and shield I get 1,37Vdc.
I would like to connect the wall battery charger with the car battery charger connector (which is not damaged) but I don´t find the way because although it seems charging with a "beep" on the mobile phone, it doesn´t.
I would like to know the function of each cable signal because I guess may be there is some feedback voltage signal from the mobile. Is possible to connect them as I want?
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