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Basic AC motor wiring question

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I'm brand new to electric motors and am trying to adapt a 115vac dryer motor to a screw drive application. I have the motor and after some extensive searching I found a wiring diagram that I dont quite follow. I've attached a rough reprensentaion of the scematic, can someone place the power to it and give me a brief explanation why...?

Thanks Much

Edit: sorry for the cross post can't delete :|



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Hi Jonasx,

There are two types of small/medium motors with two windings wired like this.

Theres the older type, where one winding is a much lower resistance,
and theres the newer type, where both are roughly the same.

If you have the newer type, and i suspect that you do, then there
would also be a capacitor involved. Maybe 16 mfd (or thereabouts).

It looks like the one you've drawn was intended to run in either
direction, part of the switching looks like its meant for that.

Here is a diagram of the newer type motor,
dont put a single switch to go from one direction to the other.
The motor has to be switched off before changing direction.

If you have the older type, come back and say so, the wiring
is different.

Regards, John :)



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Thanks John...this is an older motor with no capacitor involved..I picked it up from a friend who was gonna toss it. I have pretty much given up on the revering idea with this motor as it is beyond my skill level. I did go out and hit some yard sales this morning and found a garage door opener that will be much easier to adapt to my application. I posted another question along the same lines in the general forum. If you have a sec can you go over and take a look at it?

Thanks Again
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