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balun wire lenght

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I want to connect my cb-set (27mhz) to a balun
of 1:1 i use RG213 (50 ohm) then i adjust the wire
on the right size. About 11 meters.
Is this all right? I am almost sure this will work.
And can i use it for FM?
On this link http://www.radioworks.com/cb1-2k.html
i read that the max. power is 1,5kw only for ssb and cw,
does this means i can't use this for FM?


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The max.power depend from SWR and modulation mode.You can use also for FM or AM - if SWR 3:1 up to 375W. (with better SWR some higher)


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Thank you. If i use a 2:1 balun instead of a 1:1 balun,
do i have to make my wire twice as long. 22 meters?
What would be the radiation picture if using a 2:1 balun?
I know that the a 1:1 balun has the most radiaton right
on the wire (in an angle of 90 degrees). And so making
a radiaton in a circle.

Do i need to earth my balun as well?
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