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back with the cva1000r :D

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hi all i've just registered on here and am after some help.

i've purchased a bmw that has a alpine cva1000r installed in it, and the disc is from 2001 which is almost prehistoric. what i was wondering is could i install a new dvd unit but still run the same screen or would i have to change the screen also?

also does anyone know how i can install a alpine freeview tuner to it or is it just too old??

cheers guys!


You are talking about units that , for all purposes are antiques....and never designed to work together, even when they were new.
As is always the case, if you have several hundred hours of time to waste, you MAY be able to cobble together a crappy system that MAY work half as well as a current system that costs half the amount...that is, until you drive over your first speed bump, and all hell breaks loose.
I doubt that anyone here has the time to waste on this obscure project.
A quick Googling suggests that attempting to add periferals that were made this century to the cva1000r have met with severe dissapointment.
Come on guy...you just bought a BMW...why cheap out on the AV system ???!!!
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