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AV Cables?

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Could somebody please take a look at this picture and give me a description of what I have here or tell me where I can buy something like this? These came off of a Element E771PD Car video player. Only one end of the cables got broken off. I went into Radio Shack and they said they didn't carry anything like these. It would be easier to google a set if I had a proper description of these. I measured them and got .1400 diameter and .5535 long. Hopefully I can find a universal set like these, I have been unable to find a replacement set for these cheap Chinese made players.

Thanks Dennis



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The black connector looks like a two wire coax for power. (The come in different sizes so check the tip size.)

The green connector looks like a 3 connection for the stereo audio. (Also check tip size).

The yellow is apparently the video cable with 4 connections.

The first two are quite common type connectors. The video connector is less so. If you do a search for barrel audio cable on Digikey and then filter for "4 channels", you should see several cables that may work. You need to measure the tip diameter to determine which size it is.

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