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Automatic Emergency Light Circuit


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I had a Chinese make emergency light with 2 tubes. Suddenly it was not working and it was not charging the rechargeable battery. So I bought a new 6V 4.5AH lead-acid rechargeable battery and connected it. But it didnt get charged so I started testing the circuit suddenly one of the capacitors burst. So I started repairing the circuit but that also did not work hence I started looking for a circuit board for this. I bought a circuit board it was told by the shop keeper that this circuit is equivalent and it can be connected and then the system will work.

But when I started connecting the wires there was no marking for which connecting wire to connect in the board.

I had three wires to switch assembly where the switch has option for single tube light and double tube. From the switch there are two wires going into one side of the tube light. Then there are two more wires to be connected to the board from the other side of the one each from both the tube. Then the two wires connecting the positive and negative terminals of the rechargeable battery is there and the Mains supply wires from the AC 230 V which have to be connected. In the circuit board there is marking for AC Mains plus and minus marked then there is one marked with N which is an extension from the AC minus side. There are markings for T1 and T2 I think this should be Tube 1 and Tube 2. Then there is a marking of 9V on two terminals connected from the AC positive continuation through two diodes one each of the other side of the diode is the 9V marking. There is one more marking on the board where it says in a box 12/16/20/W. Other than this there is one more ending where there is no marking at all.

The Original board had a polister capacitor and a resistor connected to the AC Power mains plus side. it did not have any transformer for conversion from AC to DC. But it had a small transformer with 4 terminals in which two were connected to the tubes as a choke for the tubes I think as from this the tubes were connected. But in the new bought out Circuit there is no polister capacitor but it had a bigger transformer with 8 terminals connected to the circuit board as also a small coil with 2 terminals connected in the circuit.

Can anyone enlighten me on the connections for the New Circuit Board.

Thanks for the help.



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If the new board isn't made to work with the light you have, it could be complicated trying to make it work.

I realize english may not be your native language, but your post is really hard to read and follow. Sorry.

Some pictures or a schematic would help.
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Thank you Mr. Andy. I will try make a drawing for both old circuit and the new circuit and post it for you to understand better.

Thanks once again.


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