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Audio IC

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Hi all,

I'm planning to send out wooden boxes containing a few gifts as an invitation to be a groomsman in my wedding next year. Being the nerds that we are, I'd like to build in some hardware that outputs the audio from Zelda that executes when a chest is opened (
). The boxes are clamshell style, i.e. large rectangular volume with hinges connecting to a top piece that closes down and locks with a clasp.

Ideally this would be a 2-step sequence. External to the box I will have a pin keeping the clasp shut that when removed will provide a prompt to the device to execute audio sequence 1. A second signal would be generated on opening the box (source tbd... picturing hall effect sensor with magnet) to prompt a second audio sequence. I am first wondering if a part exists that will handle this which can be purchased off the shelf. If not I will consider spinning a custom board, in which case your suggestions for an IC would be appreciated.



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u nurd.

You can't have pneumatic hinges or something so the box opens on it's own at a set rate so it works just like in the game? Then you only need one trigger. You're more likely to find something off the shelf with only one trigger.

Also. Stick a bright yellow light on the inside.
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