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ASM file from keil c program?


New Member
Hi friends
How can I get ASM file from my keil C51 program? I have list file and i see asm program on it but I want asm file itself!!
Is there anyway to get asm file of my c program?


New Member
I found that i can right click on the c file and select options for file and check src assembler file. but i have still a problem, some asm routines are not on code and it use extrn code 'routine'
I do't now where can i but that routines, for example i want routine of 16 bit division that i see it on debuge mode on lst file but it's not on src file!!
The 16-bit division code, and much else, is in an object-code library that you did not write.
Some compiler writers/vendors do not want to give that code away.
If you really can see the assembly-level code in the *.lst file, then it might be some work to obtain it in (re-)compilable form, but it can be done.

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