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art mixed with a pic

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been cobbling this project together just for fun by mixing art with a pic. Have boards ordered and going with smd on the Leds and pic. going to utilize 3 AA batteries and use the HLVD feature that will blink the green eye when the battery is getting low.
Looking at using the 18f24K40 to keep the cost down.
slow down the delayms along with other tweeks.
the project is cut from acrylic plastic on a scrollsaw.
oups! the video file is too large even after I compressed it.
will try something else

dr pepper

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When coding for a pic if I need more than one delay I use an interrupt, then in said interrupt make counts and call other routines from the count value, this means you can only have integer multiples of the interrupt frequency, however if you application isnt time exact it works well and doesnt block.


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If you code in asm, the harvard architecture of the PIC allows instruction stepping based on the precise timing as driven by the Xtal speed.
So if you run a 64Mhz PIC your instructions step at 16 Mhz or 62.5 nS. A 4 Mhz PIC will instruction step @ 1 uSec.
Thus fixed coded loops give fixed delays as req'd.
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