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Are you needing to learn C!!! 2015-03-27

Ian Rogers

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Ian Rogers submitted a new article:

http://www.electro-tech-online.com/articles/are-you-needing-to-learn-c.711/ -
compiling C sucsessfully

I'm doing this article as I keep telling folk C is dead easy to learn!!

Well!! As I have heard from several members, not quite!!! It really never crossed my mind that after several minutes / hours typing in a program is thwarted by the error window... As I have evolved with C, so has my understanding of various errors that pop up.. I thought (wrongly) that the C errors were in line with assembly errors... Well they kinda are... It seems that C compiler developers speak a different language to...
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Hi Ian

Unless I'm doing something wrong, both of the links in your post are broken ?



is it possible to return more than one value from a function:
int add(int x,int y)
return x+y;
//The above function returns value of x+y. is it possible the function could returns value of x-y, x/y with x+y at the same time .for example-

int add(int x,int y)
return x+y;
return x-y;
return x/y;


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Nice article; I'm just curious if you have done anymore additions to this one?


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