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Ardunio KIOSK charging power issue?

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i am working on project DIY project and facing a problem in power circuit.
i made a KIOSK mobile charging system
needed different powers sources for three different equipments
1)coin acceptor
2)CD room tray used as coin colletor
4)L2983 IC for motors.
5)LCD for display
coin acceptor needs 12v and needs a common ground with ardunio to work . i made a seperate PCB for L2983 IC and it needs 9v to operate my motors of CD room.
PROBLEM: when turning on power without connecting Ardunio the pin of 5v gets 2.5v ?
if anyone can help me out how to solve this problem
GOUND is common for COIN acceptor & ardunio & L2983

For DIY project we have completed vist our page also
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You need to show your full circuit diagram, cannot see it on that FB link...

When you say 'without connecting Arduino' do you mean without connecting the 5V power line to the in circuit Arduino module but you are getting 2.5v on its 5v pin, or the Ardunio module is completely removed from the circuit and you are getting 2.5v on your 5v rail ?


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thanks for reply
i found the solution of the problem.
i was checking volts without plugging in the arduino. That is why the ports were showing the floating values.
When I inserted the arduino and rechecked, it went well and all the inputs were grounded.
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