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arduino wifi module


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I was wondering if you can use Arduino wifi library (server and client) with esp8266?

when you do the install of esp8266 boards, the library is also installed. scroll to fin them in your ARDUINO IDE.

dr pepper

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Heres another tutorial, this one is how to install the Esp8266 on the arduino ide:
I have built several gizmos with webpages & other niceties with the Esp, using the arduino ide.
Its a good chip, however there is a improved version the Esp32, in my opinion this one is a better chip to start with, it much more complex but using arduino ide you dont see any of that, and there are a few things that make it easier to use.


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Susan, don't know what your problem is but have you tried the app called Waze?

BTW, what has this to do with Arduino?


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