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Arduino Help Needed

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Roger Siegrist

New Member
I have an Arduino project that exceeds my ability. I have some portions working, but need to put it all together. This can be a paid gig, but I am working on it now so I may eventually figure it out. This project is for some Escape Room prop logic.

I have a pulse dial phone, I play an "off hook" SD file when picked up. This part I have working.
I have an external analog trigger that will go high. At that point I want a "dial tone" to play. I also have this file on the SD card.
If the dial tone process is active, then I need to listen to the pulse count (high-lo-high-low, etc.) as it dials. I found some logic on line, but haven't tried it or even looked at adding it to the sketch. The dial tone should stop after dialing begins.
I need to collect the 10 "switched" pulse sets and sum them to a total.
If that sum = 57, then I need to play an audio file also stored on the SD, then send a high to a controller relay I have at the ready to turn on some blacklight LED's.
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