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Arduino displaying temperature via 74hc595's to 7-seg's 2010-07-05

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ParkingLotLust submitted a new article:

Arduino Displaying Temperature via 74HC595's to 7-Seg's - My original project is here[/

#include <DallasTemperature.h>

int bottomDataPin = 5; 
int bottomLatchPin = 6;
int bottomClockPin = 7;
int topLatchPin = 3;
int topClockPin = 4;
int topDataPin = 2;
int j = 1;
int toShift_Top = 0;
int toShift_Bottom = 0;
char m[4];
byte data;
byte dataArray[10];

DallasTemperature tempSensor0;
DallasTemperature tempSensor1;

void setup() {
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