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Applying autonomously concept on RC CAR

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mohame delhag

New Member
I’m trying to modify a simple RC CAR by adding a microcontroller that will control the movement of the RC CAR and interface it with a sensor for detecting obstacles
I'm using ATMEL 8-bit Microcontroller with 2K Bytes Flash AT89C2051 and
Ultrasonic Parking Sensor K3502 from velleman-kit
and with no experience electronic I really need to know how to interface between them and the code for the microcontroller regard to control of the car movement
thank you.


New Member
Hi mohame. I have some experience with this. I made a board a year and a half ago to control my RC-10 using an Atmel atmega 8-L. There is a video of me using it. Hopefully you are using a full fleged RC car kit and not a pre-built cheap derivative.

In an electric RC car kit there is always whats called an ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) and usually a servo to handle the steering. Both of these are controlled via a 50hz PWM signal from the radio of the RC car.

I bet your micro-controller has PWM output pins. If you have two of these, you can control the ESC and servo using the pwm output of the microcontroller. Just be careful as RC car electrical systems encompas whats called BEC(Battery elimination circuitry). The ESC usually puts 5V on all the three-wire servo and radio connectors so you need to keep that in mind when interfacing your microcontroller with the car.

Best of luck!
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