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Any superior Spice Books available?

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I am looking for a book that will give me the best insights on how to effectively use spice :shock:



I use the following book. It has some good concept overviews,
example netlists, etc. It also has a command reference in the
back. Note that I usually write my spice netlists by hand, if you
use a graphical spice, there might be better books. This book
does refer to the graphical spice, but there is little that is specific
to pspice.

SPICE: A Guide to Circuit Simulation and Analysis Using PSpice


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I use "Simulating with Spice" by Meares & Hymowitz, published by Intusoft. You probably can get it from www.intusoft.com

I also have "Spice, a guide to Circuit Simulation & Analysis Using PSpice" by Paul W. Tuinenga, published by Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-834607-0

The first book is more about SPICE, the second one is basic and more about how to analyze circuits.
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