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Any ideas for a wireless broadcast project?

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Hullo. Am just a beginner in this field. I need some ideas and help in designing an electronic project. Something to do with broadcasting audio. It should be something related to telecommunications. Please help me out!


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Without knowing more about your background it's hard to be too specific. Some comments:

1. If you plan to actually broadcast anything - be sure you understand the rules related to broadcasting for your country or region.

2. Consider amateur radio as a pathway. ARRL and RSGB are good places to look for info on amateur radio. Many amateurs are just average people - many with limited education.

3. Start simple - an audio amplifier seems relevant. Much to be found via Google. Alternatively, many kits can be obtained at modest cost. Advantage of a kit is that it spares you the struggle of obtaining parts, PCB. Work backward and try to understand the design, capabilities, etc. Not the best way - but it's a way.

Good luck
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