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Antenna Booster

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Hey any idea how to build a antenna amplifier... a simple one that doesn;t require complex I.C.'s unless it is a LM DIP. Oh yeha antenna amplifier would be used for a T.V to boost my signal and get better reception . Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated


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There is a simple kit for this available in Australia. Its powered via the coax cable and just has a tiny chip and a few capacitors in it.
Do a search fot TV masthead amplifier kits, perhaps you find one in your country.

Nigel Goodwin

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I agree with Russlk, simply buy one - you're probably not going to be able to make one which works as well as a decent quality commercial one, and you won't have the equipment to align it. Construction is also highly critical, particularly at UHF (although you don't give any clue as to the frequencies you need to boost) where you use 'lecher lines' (just pieces of straight wire or PCB track) rather than coils.

The best type to buy are masthead ones, with a power unit at the bottom, setback amplifiers are pretty useless as you've already lost too much down the cable.
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