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Another Newbie for the Forum

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Hi, I'm David, from Manchester UK.

I've joined the forum, as I am after getting back up to speed with electronics again. Up until about 2003, I was reasonably OK with regarding electronics... I knew what a diode looked like, I knew was a transistor would do and so-on! I could often be found working on the control units for airport runway and parking signs, eg forming the cables, wiring the boards etc, until I fell out of favour with my work agency and began seeking employment elsewhere. Never touched another circuit board again :(

As I said, I am after getting back in touch with my technical side again, because I have several ideas that I want to put into production and in my current state... I am in no shape to do so.

BTW, I am deslectix (deliberate mispelling ;) ) so I may have a bit of trouble getting my head around things sometimes, please don't hit me lol :D

Anywayz, hi, I hope to chat with you all more later!


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Welcome David. You can seriously learn a lot here. Lot's of very clued up folks here that will get you up to speed in no time!!

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Hi Mike, thanks for the welcome, I see you chose the sunny land over the sunny city lol Good choice!

Thanks on the welcome as well tvtech..... anybody clued up on MagLev technology?
Start a couple threads with the core of your ideas, people can suggest how to approach it based on what information you supply. Your biggest problem is going to be too much information =)
Sleep well =)


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Hi Zentron, and time to wake up for a new day (06:00 in the UK)!

Also welcome to the forum from my address (German living in Thailand).

You can be sure to have selected the best (known to me) forum.

You'll find good advice and hints to take up the exciting "mystery" of electrons, behaving like a small creek, becoming a river if you allow enough electrons to flow (like water drops).

What else should I say? Again welcome to the forum.

Best regards

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Vielen Dank für die Begrüßung Boncuk. Hopefully I've remembered that right....I'm just getting back to learning German too, after a 14 year gap :D

Thanks for the welcome too Mickster.

BTW, which forum should I post in for electronic aircraft and MagLev technology advice?!? Cheers.
Vielen Dank für die Begrüßung Boncuk. Hopefully I've remembered that right....I'm just getting back to learning German too, after a 14 year gap :D
Your German is more than perfect. Carry on please. It's nice to know somebody speaking my language.

Kind regards

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Lol, I wouldn't say perfect :D I can do the basics, but don't try to get me in a full conversation.... I won't have a clue :eek: At least my German is better than my Italian... or Cantonese.... or Japanese..... or French...... or Corean....... or Spanish lol :D :D :D Have been after going to German for a long time, though I think the clostest I will come to that, is when I go to the Netherlands to attend the Thunderdome there.... it'll be one helluva night :D

Are you using Google translate? ...... :D nah just joking. Welcome here. :)
Memory, but for spelling 'Vielen', my pocket German dictionary :D

Thanks for the welcome ;)
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