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Analog input to ADC

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I'm trying to build a fast (100 to 200 MHz) digital storage oscilloscope. I was able to find RAM and ADC's with the speed I needed. I'm currently researching the input circuitry, which I believe is the limiting factor. I'm looking for the circuitry required to interface the raw input to the ADC. I believe that I need an op amp to scale the signal down. I simply can't find a fast enough scaling circuit. Is the op-amp bandwith the same as its propagation delay? Is an op amp necessary for a very fast scaling circuit? Is there an alternative?

Thanks in advance!

Hani A.


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WHy do you need to scale the signal down? From what voltage to what voltage?

How did you plan on reading the info out of the ADC that fast? An FPGA?

No, bandwidth is not the same as propogation delay.
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