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AM transmitter

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we are making an am transmitter ,
but we don t have enough information to design the circuit
all we have is that block diagram and we need help.

1- we need to transmite a signal to a radio.... what is the range of the sent output power to design the rf power amplifier stage
....the radio is 5 meters away from the transmitter

2- what is the available transistor for power amplifier .....we must use class A

3-after the preamplifier it is required to use a clipping circuit ...why?
will it make a distortion ?

waiting for answers....
thanks in advance



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You need a licence to use a radio transmitter on the broadcast bands.
The transmitter's circuit and construction must be certified not to have harmonics.

A "clipping circuit" is not used because it causes severe distortion. Instead, a compressor/limiter circuit is used to keep loud modulation from over-modulating the transmitter which would make severe interference over many radio frequencies.
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