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African's thinking...doesn't happen

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So my ear is on the ground here. In the middle of the ruling ANC support base.

I'm not living in a fancy house. I live right here on the premises trying to help and understand why a species that is supposed to be free..........remains so damn stupid.

It's like, ive given up now. I have had enough. Every time they feel threatened in any way, they pull the race card. Cause its all they got. And because I cannot handle this stupidity anymore.

This used to be a nice, clean town 10 years ago, before Zuma. Now its no control. Everyone does whatever the hell they want.

Im sick and tired of children, yes children, coming past here at 5AM in the morning drunk and smashing bottles.

WTF is wrong with their parents?

Its all so fulked up.
All I know, is i'm done.

South Africa is going to be yet another casualty in proving that you cant force thinking or Western ways on a
primitive race. The race cannot handle it. The ones "elected to power" know.

So they and their mates steal as fast as they can. And as much as possible.

Its an African problem. And there is no answer.

That's why, South Africa is going to fall like all other countries where stupid voters put thieves in power.
They put them in power cause they are clueless.......voting and democracy not words the masses understand.

Its a case of "hes black like me.....i'm voting for him" Sheep voters.



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