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Hello ,

We are using an MCP9700 temperature monitor IC and feeding its output into the ADC pin (AD4) of the SAM3N00B microcontroller.
The MCP9700 only provides a maximum of 100uA output current, so is that enough to supply the current drawn by the ADC pin, or do i need to buffer the temperature monitor IC's output voltage?

MCP9700 Temperture monitor IC

SAM3N00B datasheet:


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The datasheet section dealing with the ADC should tell you the maximum source impedance of the analogue input and give you some idea of the ADC's input impedance or current.


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datasheet doesnt tell this, it just tells a "TRACKTIM" calculation which gives you the maximum sample rate.
We are only sampling once every few secs and its not relevant.
Datasheet only tells the overall current draw of the ADC module.


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i think "leakage" current is not the current that flows when a conversion is taking place. Leakage current, by definition , is like the leakage current that you get into an opamp input....its "leakage"......that current that "leaks" all the time


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Oh, is that what you're after? You can work that out from the formula for TRACKTIM. This will give you Ron and Csample. From there you can work out the current required to charge the cap if you so desire.

You can just increase Zsource though if you're worried about peak current. Alternately you can add a capacitor in addition to a Zsource resistor. Personally I wouldn't bother, but you can test the performance with and without the series resistor.

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