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Advice Needed: Wiring 3-prong on/off switch to vehicle battery.

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Bryan D

New Member
Hello everyone...

Got myself in to a small project and I'm trying to avoid any more mistakes being the electronic wiring novice. If you have a moment and can offer advice, please read on.

Below is a sad example of a picture product by my cell phone showing the setup. I've labeled everything as best I can, but if more information is needed please advise and I'll post back.

I'm in the middle of building a small stereo system housed in a fork bag for my motorcycle.

I have some 10ga wire running directly from the + post on my battery (15amp in-line fuse in place) to the "POWER" prong on the on/off switch (shown in red below).

I have the center prong going directly to the plug on the amp providing power to the unit (in green below).

And then finally, the right-hand prong I currently have running back to the battery negative post (in blue below), and here is where I think I'm going wrong.

This blue line prong is labeled "Ground"... which leads me to believe I should ground the wire to the frame as I have the ground wire from the amp. For some reason I've run this wire to the negative battery terminal under the thought process that I have the power wire coming in to the switch from the positive battery terminal, so I have to have the ground wire going back to the negative terminal.

Should I ground the wire to the frame as the switch is labeled (and how common sense is prompting me to post this for advice), or am I right in running it back to the battery?

Sorry for the elementary question -- it took me forever to find a forum for wiring so I hope you all bear with me here.

Thanks in advance.





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It doesn't really matter. The ground wire for the switch is just for the light bulb in the switch.
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