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[AD] PIC DevelopmentBoard

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Dear Electro Tech family,

let me introduce the PrimeKit PIC Development Board II.

First, here is the link:


PrimeKit PIC DevBoard II is a development board for Microchip® PICmicro® micro-controllers, and programming of Microchip® PICmicro® microcontrollers can be learned, by exploring the 12C/Fxxx, 16C/Fxxx, and 18C/Fxxx families.

PrimeKit PIC DevBoard II configuration is done by Jumpers, that allow activation/deactivation of all peripherals. All peripherals that share the same micro-controller BUS, are in parallel. If in need of any outside component testing, the provided Proto-board may be used, as well as the flat-cable sockets.
The Radio Transceiver, USB and Ethernet modules are optional, although they may be supplied with the PrimeKit PIC DevBoard II.

You may find this on the webpage, but here it goes

Peripherials included onboard:

Momentary switch buttons and 12 keys numeric keyboard;
16x2 chars LCD Display;
Leds BUS and 7 segments HEX Displays;
USART (Serial Port);
USB (Universal Serial Bus);
Ethernet port accessed by I²C ®
BUS I²C ® , SPI® and CAN BUS;
Radio Transceiver for 433.92MHz;
Crystal Oscillator or external fixed/variable clock;
Temperature Sensor accessed by 1-wire® technology;
Triac for AC/DC power circuit switching;
EEPROM Memory accessed by I²C ® technology;
Real Time Clock accessed by I²C ® technology;
Analogue Inputs to use with PIC’s ADC’s;
Total access from outside to the micro-controller ports;
External pulse input;
ICD (In Circuit Debugger) – Step-by-step debugging;
Proto-board for auxiliary circuit testing;
* Compatible with RS232/USB Bootloader. *

Thanks very much for taking a moment to read this email.
Antonio Sergio Sena

Antonio Sorgio Sena
(Field Applications Engineer)

Primetec - Engenharia de Sistemas, Lda.
Rua Porto Alegre, 9 - 1º Esq.
2780-031 Oeiras

e-mail: [email protected]
WEB: www.primetec.pt

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