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AC motor drive problem!

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I do have a centrifuge 5810. It has faulty rotor driver, after working out on the driver card, I am able to understand design concept of the driver.

It is 3 phase motor, so 3-phase IGBT inverter is used for driving rotor.
the below figure explains the concept.


As shown in the figure there are 6 igbts,(3 pairs), 6 igbt are provided 6 gate inputs, each igbt has a gate driver-A95w...which is gone bad for one igbt..
I am not able to find the details of this component...
It is 8 pin smd ic-A95w written and logo of the company is also mysterious..

after working out on the connection, I found pin 1,3 and 7 of this IC are made short by the manufacturer and further when ic is connected pin 2 also become short to above 3 pins...

Do anyone know this kind of driver??
any details...I am attaching pcb drive image...


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