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Abt battery charging..pls help

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can i charge a battery with a 12vdc 0.4amps source?
This is the profile i m getting frm a home made wind turbine made from scrap.


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If your the "tech master" you should already know that one!

Most small batteries (5Ah or less) will charge fine at that level. But you will have to check the manufatures specs. Some bigger batteries will trickle charge just fine at that level too, but others need a reasonalble charge rate or it can actualy ruin them from being charged to slow.

Sorry! But you got to do some homework. Not all lead acid batteries are built the same!


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first of all what are the batteries you want to charge, there are that many different sorts around all with strict charging regimes. Now for a wind genny built from scratch and only putting out 12 volts 0.04 amps, what type of genny is it what size are the blades, what are the blades made from. etc

From the vague question you asked to start this thread more info is needed if anyone is going to help

Cheers Bryan
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