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About sensors...

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Can anybody give some idea regarding types of sensors and how they can be used in robotics?
I am more interested for the infrared ones. any info?
Surya. :)


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Sensors.... they are the way to tell digitally what happens physically..... There are different sensors for different things... so it is nearlly impossible just to describe all of them... but for a good source check out acroname

IR sensors work in different ways. There is a receiver and a transmitter. IR Light leaves the transmitter and when an object is close enough the light bouunces off the object and is detected by the receiver. The IR light of the emmiter is sometimes modulated so that external light is filtered. There are also IR sensors that tell distances, by triangulating where the received IR light enters the reciever and lands on the array of sensors....

There are devices that can't be detected with IR light, as are plastics, black or dark objects, etc. So don't be thinking on detecting a glass of Coke :wink:



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There are many types of sensors on robotics. You may buy a book of Everett " Sensors for Mobile Robots" in which, he discribed almost types of sensors.

Note that, ultrasonic sensors are the most popular sensors using on robotics. If you have some requirements about ultrasonic sensors, you may contact with meeh via email : [email protected]. Or you may ask professors, such as:

Roman Kuc, Johann Borenstein...

Or you may read their papers.

I'm just a student, I only can help simple basic problems


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Sounds silly, but lego do a range of good, simple sensors for their lego mindstorms robotics range, so go over to their website (www.mindstorms.lego.com) and take a look!!

- Spysam
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