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a very cool project

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hello every one.
i was wondering if any one had a very cool 8) project that i could try
if you have please let me know

thank you!!!


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Difficult to answer this one.

What is COOL?

Your perception of the meaning may/will not be the same as another persons perception.

While you contemplate what YOU mean by COOL you may contemplate WHERE you are COOL and what YOU DO while you are COOL.
The answers could range from putting LED chasers around your sunspecs to a mega boombox for the car which drains the battery if over half volume or a battery driven heated jacket for use in walk-in chiller units.

The act of contemplation - no, you cannot get arrested for it - should make a number of suitable projects spring to mind.

8) :lol:


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thats seems a cool project.....
anybody tried to use the Peltier effect to do some air conditioning? or cooling at least a bit? maybe tried to build some Peltier effect for cooling your computer?


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Pilot is right. If you painted my front porch, I would think that was very cool . . . you probly would not agree.


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I'm building the rf remote that can be found at heatseekerz.net

I'm using the same transmitter, but if you take a look at his reciever, it's got a ton of stuff like a clock, and I think a temp sensor on it. I'm just doing a bare bones receiver, which is pretty much the same as the transmitter but in reverse with the decoder mates of the encoder components.
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