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A text speak laugh for me today

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If you do not have growing kids this will probably bore you. All ****-chat not electronics.

My son (19) and I (50) went to the U-pull-it (junk yard) today. The first time he ever asked to fo there, rather than old Dad making him tag along on a weekends as a kid. He needed a couple parts missing on his new 2001 Ford truck.

$14 later we had a couple dome lights for his new LED board we made and a couple cruise control switches. He could not believe the price. This time I tagged along he pulled and paid.

He said he was going to make two and sell one on the Ford forum. He told me there's a fellow that gets his parts at his local JY store really cheap and makes money on LED mods. But he is sure he can match his price on the extra one he picked up and sell it to cover the cost on his as well. I wondered why he wanted two when he pulled them.

I looked at him, he said I wish we had a JY store around here I would make a bunch of them. I stared for a couple more seconds and I said JY store, good thing our "JY" had the two you pulled.

Do not recall the last time I saw him smile so big. It was priceless for me.

I thought it was funny as I do not get half the stuff they type.
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