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Anyone know anything about this chip? I can't even find a datasheet on it. It's made by JRC but I cannot find any where to get it. If anyone knows about it, is there a substitute chip? I was looking at NJU7660D but I don't have anything to compare the one made by JRC, it looks like it might be discontinued?


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The 7660 voltage conveter chip is very common - just search on 7660 Datasheet.
Typically used as a +5v to -5v dc converter for a few milli amps.

That particular manufacturer just may no longer do a version but others are usually identical.


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There is an equivalent to the 7660, and that is the LT1058CP by Texas instruments and the LT1054CN8 by Linear technology.


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Japan Radio Corporation simply copied Intersil's ICL7660. The ICL7660A is better.
Maxim also makes it.
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